The growth of NFT transactions continued in 2022, starting in 2021: blog

The volume of NFT transactions has increased since the beginning of 202 and continues to grow in January 2022, according to a channelisis blog. The blog states that NFT collectors sent $ 37 billion to NFT marketplaces as of May 1, 2022, exceeding the total পাঠ 40 billion shipped in 2021.

Blog insights show that the volume of NFT transactions decreased in mid-February, from $ 3.9 billion in the week of February 13 to 64 964 million in the week of March 13. However, in mid-April the NFT market began to recover and began to come closer. According to ChannelIlysis, the weekly volumes hit the beginning of the year due to the launch of the Metaverse project by the Board App Yacht Club.

In Q1, 2022, the number of unique addresses bought or sold by NFT dropped to 950,000, up from 627,000 in Q4, 2021. The number of active NFT collections on the NFT Marketplace OpenSea has increased since March, 2021, and is currently over 4,000, according to the blog.

Most of the NFT transactions remain in retail form below the cryptocurrency valued at $ 10,000. Between January and September 2021, the size of NFT transactions increased from $ 10,000 to $ 100,000. In the week to October 31, 2021, due to the purchase of NFT at Mutant Ape Yacht, 73% of all activity has been institutionalized. Club Collection. With the increase in institutional transfers over the next few weeks, institutional transfers made up 33% of all activity.

Blog data shows that institutional NFT purchases reached 1,889 transactions in the week of February 13, between the end of November last year and February 2022, after which it dropped to 473 transactions in the week of February 20.

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