The Motor Racing-McLaren Mercedes Formula E team will take over

Mercedes won both championships in the city-based series last year but has already announced their departure to focus on Formula One.

McLaren signed an alternative in January last year and is evaluating whether to add Formula E to a portfolio that includes Formula One, indie cars, electric off-road Extreme E Championship and sports.

Season Nine is the beginning of a new era for Formula E, whose third-generation car is billed as the world’s most efficient and capable of reaching speeds of 320 kph (200 mph).

“There is racing at Formula E Center, but overall McLaren Racing will be strategically, commercially and technically connected,” said Jack Brown, McLaren Racing’s chief executive.

“It’s also gratifying to provide a home for the Mercedes-built Class-Leading Formula E team, which will become an integral part of the McLaren racing family.”

Brown said the team would be run separately in the Formula One and Indica teams Mercedes chairman Ian James will continue his role in a team founded in 2019, and McLaren’s contract with Mercedes is expected to be completed later this year.

“I strongly believe that Formula E will give McLaren Racing a competitive advantage through a broader understanding of EV racing, giving our fans, partners and people a point of difference,” Brown said.

McLaren Racing is part of the McLaren Group, which includes supercar manufacturers and is the majority owner of Bahrain’s Sovereign Wealth Fund Mumtalakat. Manufacturers of Nissan, Jaguar, Porsche, Mahindra, Stellantis-owned DS and Maestro and Neo of China have so far signed up. For 2023, when 12 teams will have a spending cap of $ 13 million.

“I wanted McLaren to be part of that championship from the first season, and I’m glad we finally got it,” said Alejandro Agag, founder of Formula E. But it’s much more than just deciding to go racing. The development of electric vehicles as part of Formula E indicates a strategic investment in the future. ”

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