The new Volkswagen ID.5 has achieved the highest Euro NCAP score

The latest Volkswagen ID.5 support technologies have been rated “very good” and reached 4 out of 4 possible points in Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Program) – the highest possible score. The testers were fascinated by the innovative system of All-Electric ID.5.

Through the “Driver Assistance Test”, Euro NCAP has expanded its pilot scheme beyond the classic crash test and introduced a structured assessment and classification system for comfort and support systems. The goal is to give consumers a realistic insight into the performance of state-of-the-art support systems.

Additional testing methods for vehicle assistance include a number of complex motorway driving scenarios, such as simple cut-in and cut-out scene techniques, that test system efficiency to help the driver avoid accidents. The “support capability” test assesses the driver’s engagement, which means how the driver and the system work together and how the system ensures that the driver is engaged in driving.

“Safety Backup” – The test evaluates the performance of the vehicle to avoid collisions and mitigate the possible consequences of an accident. In its assessment, Euro NCAP emphasizes: “VW ID.5 provides very good vehicle support with the same level of driver engagement. Combined with excellent security back-up, the system provides excellent highway support overall. “

In ID.5, using the Volkswagen integrated support system, the optional “Travel assistance with swarm data” is the best example. Within the range of the system, it can actively keep the vehicle in the lane and maintain both the distance of the vehicle in front and the maximum speed set by the driver.

Among other things, the system uses an adaptive lane guidance function that actively places the vehicle in the middle of the lane. However, “Travel Assist with Swarm Data” can adapt to the driving style and keep the car on the right or left side of the lane.

On the motorway, “Travel Assistance with Swarm Data” can provide active support when changing lanes at speeds of up to 90 km / h and faster. If enabled, lane changes can be initiated and executed by tapping the pointer.

Provided, however, that the sensors do not detect any vehicle in the vicinity of the vehicle and the capacitive steering wheel can detect the vehicle in the driver’s hand, then automatically start the overtaking technique and change lanes. The driver can take control of the vehicle at any time by intervening.

Equipped with auxiliary predictive speed control and cornering assistance. The speed of the vehicle can be adjusted with the applicable speed limit and the road speed.

Overall, Euro NCAP has tested a number of driver support functions such as emergency brake assist “Front Assist” and Lane Keep Assist system “Lane Assist”. Also, optional comfort assistants such as Predictive ACC, Side Assist and Emergency Assist have been evaluated by safety experts.

Earlier in March, ID.5 received a top five star rating in the Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Program) safety test. The testers rated the electric SUV Coupe as ‘excellent’ in four test criteria – for the protection of adult passengers, children and at-risk road users, as well as for standard support systems.

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