The Taliban has ordered UN women workers to wear the hijab in Afghanistan

The Taliban-led government has ordered female staff of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) to wear the hijab.

According to the Khama Press report, guidelines have been issued by the ministry to promote the policy and prevent misconduct.

According to a UNAMA statement, a delegation of Taliban officials from the ministry said that female employees should be considered wearing hijab while performing their duties.

The statement added that ministry staff would be stationed outside the UN office “to monitor the use of the hijab”.

If a female worker is found without a hijab, they will speak to her “politely” because it is mandatory outside, Khama Press reports.

In addition, outside the UN office, the ministry has put up a poster urging women to wear the hijab.

The ministry, which recently ordered the hijab to be made mandatory, said the best form of instruction was the chadri or burqa.

“The Taliban claim that the new rules on women’s clothing are ‘advisory’ but impose them as mandatory, including on Afghan women working at the UN.” Heather Barr, associate director of Women’s Rights at Human Rights Watch, tweeted.

Despite the Taliban’s rule, Bar-Unama was asked, “How will (it) protect the security and freedom of (his) colleagues?”

Bar tweeted a picture of the poster, showing an example of a hijab, a black layered niqab and a bright blue burqa (chadari).

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