Want to find a start-up? Harsh Goenka warns against these 10 mistakes

Establishing a start-up and evaluating investors has never been easier. In this way to get adequate funding and evaluation, the founders tend to make some mistakes. RPG Enterprise boss Harsh Goenka listed some of these mistakes in a recent tweet. Goenka shared a four-word tweet with a graph, “Top 10 Startups Wrong …”

According to Goenka’s shared graph, the biggest mistakes startups make are creating something they don’t want, poor hiring, lack of focus, failure to perform sales and marketing, lack of proper co-founders, chasing investors and enough customers, not customers. Not making sure there is money, spending too much money, failing to seek help and ignoring social media.

Goenka’s tweet comes just days after Indian start-ups became part of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) technology pioneering community. These start-ups include the full stack labor market for blue collar workers, the world’s first open-market freight management platform Pandocorp, plant protein-based component inventor Proeon, Asia’s first circular economy marketplace Recykal and a technology-driven financial inclusion platform FinCs.

Bahan is a technology company that helps Zomato, Uber, Swiggy, Shadowfax, etc. to hire blue-collar workers and was founded in 2016 by Madhav Krishna. Pandocorp was founded by Nitin Jayakrishnan and it provides “network-driven all-in-one freight products” for “automation for fast growing business.”

Founded by Abhay Deshpande, Recykal aims to provide end-to-end digital solutions to facilitate transactions for all stakeholders across the country‚Äôs waste management and recycling value chain. Proeon was founded by Ashis Korde and Kevin Parekh and aims to “enable healthy eating, conscious use and cruelty-free food practice for long-term effects.”

Smartcoin Financials aims to ensure financial inclusion through technology and is founded by Rohit Garg, Amit Chandel, Binoy Kumar Singh and Jayant Upadhyay.

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