Xi Jinping is reported to be suffering from cerebral aneurysm

Chinese President Xi Jinping is suffering from “cerebral aneurysm” and was due to be hospitalized by the end of 2021, media reports said.

It is known that he preferred to be treated with traditional Chinese medicine rather than going for surgery, which softens the blood vessels and constricts the aneurysm.

Of late, there has been speculation about Shir’s health as he has avoided meeting with foreign leaders since the outbreak of Kovid-19 until the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Earlier in March 2019, during a visit to Italy, Shir was found to be abnormal, with a marked violation of his movements, and later on the same tour in France, he was seen seeking support while trying to sit down.

Similarly, while delivering a public speech in Shenzhen in October 2020, delays in his appearance, slow speech, and coughing spells again sparked speculation about his ill health.

The reports come amid rising oil and gas prices and the disruption of the supply chain due to the Ukraine conflict, and the tightening of the zero-quad policy, which has put the Chinese economy under a lot of pressure.

Looking at the historic third term of the Chinese president, in a strategic move, the country has decided to temporarily focus on “general prosperity”, imposing fines on technologists and instead rushing to stabilize the economy, which is far below. Stress

In the run-up to the upcoming 20th Party Congress, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is strategically moving away from its “general prosperity” policy because the country does not want to become a less attractive market for investors due to the economic downturn. Per report

As Xi prepares to be re-elected for a third five-year term later this year, he has sought to portray China as more prosperous, influential and stable under his rule.

Officials in the country, who until a few months ago violently advertised a new era of “common prosperity” by imposing fines on technocrats and wealthy celebrities, are now focused on keeping the economy stable and growing.

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