‘Zero Tolerance for Misconduct’: Repatriation for a quarrel with a CBI officer

The CBI on Monday returned to the service of his parents, alleging that one of his officers, who had recently joined the agency on deputation from GST and customs, had lodged a complaint with security guards and police personnel near his Faridabad residence, officials said.

They said the disciplinary action taken against Ashish Solanki soon after his “unjust behavior” was brought to the notice of top CBI officials was part of the agency’s zero tolerance policy towards abusing its officials.

Solanki joined the CBI in April as an inspector on deputation from the Guwahati Chief Commissioner’s Office of GST and Customs.

He was recently assigned to the central bank’s Bank Securities and Frauds branch, they said.

They said he was living in Faridabad where he was partying on Sunday night when security guards told him to stop talking, they said.

It has been alleged that Solanki clashed not only with security personnel but also with local police, they said.

Faridabad police arrested him in the morning, they said.

When the matter was brought to the notice of top CBI officials in the afternoon, he was immediately ordered to return to the Chief Commissioner of GST and Customs, Guwahati, they said.

The agency also recommended disciplinary action against him for “misconduct.”

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